Students about their forest

Written by Saniolin

Analasoa is a forest. It is not far away from Anjahambe. If you want to go there, you follow the way to Andasibe. After one (01) km you turn left and follow the small way. You pass neer the graveyard. Analasoa is the place of the Club. That is a Club with the aim to protect the environment. And Analasoa is very good. It gives good life, because there are many trees. Now, I tell you, if you want to see it, you should come to Anjahambe to visit Analasoa. And after your visite there, I believe, you will get the good life too. So, I wish that you will come to visit “Analasoa”.


Written by Jerome:

In our country, there is one wonderful and interesting place, better like a new paradise. This new paradise is given the name “Analasoa”.

Analasoa is a little forest, but there are more things in this forest. There are different kinds of trees.

It has been a long time since the people in the “kaominina Anjahambe” would like to restore it. But doing things is never easy and after few time ago, it is finished by people. In Analasoa, there are many kinds of trees, like “Cassia”, “Kinine”, “Kanel”, “Albiza”, “Clove” and “Soon”. The problem of Analasoa is, that there are no remaining kinds of animals. Because protecting animals is very difficult and the government give no help for this. So that it is difficult for the people to protect them. But thanks to the foreigners to help us for the restoration of the forest, it is now possible. There are many strangers who have visited us and helped us too. And thanks to the Analasoa Club, who are working every Saturday to improve the reforestation.

This little paradise became important because from it our villages don’t suffer from bad drinking water. So that we don’t stop to ask for help from the foreigners and our government.   


Written by Angelsina:

Analasoa is one place to protect and take care of, because there is everything natural until yet. You can get medicaments from this forest. We wish that this forest become “park” Analasoa and that the strangers can visit it. The Club Analasoa have begun to restore the forest in 2010 and they protect the environment.

Written by Frederic.

Anjahambe has a forest. The name is Analasoa. It is protected by the “Club Ranoala” and “Analasoa Club”. There are a lot kinds of trees and animals.

The Analasoa Club is doing development about it. They fill the places without trees and they protect the environment and the nature. The Club has an aim, that after many years the Analasoa forest become a Parc. And Analasoa has another Club to protect there and to protect the environment too. That is “Ligue Verte”.

Analasoa is very nice, it makes happy to visit this forest. So that, I recommend to visit this forest.